Block N Load

I was external producer on this title. One of my favourite projects ever. What a pleasure to work with such a talented and creative team! Great game too!


Another site launch, to go along with the trailer launch:

FYI, all CSS and jQuery that one… oh and some sneaky iFrames to use dynamic content from the WordPress powered <a href=”http://blog-de-suck” title=”blog-de-suck”>blog-de-suck</a>.

Good Eats

Been doing some photography for a local wholefoods market recently. Here’s a selection of images I’m rather pleased with. Some were done in my studio, some on location and others in my kitchen.

goji berries Oateylicious as it should be

oatcakes, ricecakes, olives, creme fraiche coffee clutch

ice cream and scoop nom

splashy dairy

Chancellors of Vice

I was very pleased to be able to create this design for my favourite local band, the Chancellors of Vice. I’m a huge fan of 70s funk/soul and I love the look that goes along with it, so this was particularly fun to do.

The site is <a href=””>here </a>.

(P.S. I also took all the photos. Oh, and designed the logo.)